Auburn Bearing Now Offering Interchange for INA B1 Banded Thrust Bearing

Jul 5, 2014

Auburn Bearing is pleased to inform you that we have an interchange for the INA B1 Banded Thrust Bearing, manufactured and stocked at our NY-based facility. The dimensions of this bearing are 0.503″ (1/2) x 1.219″ (1 – 7/32) x 0.625″ (5/8).


Part Number:    101-765 (or B1)
Bore:                    0.500 in
OD:                       1.219 in
Width:                  0.625 in
Weight:                0.132 lbs
Dyn. Load:           3850
Stat. Load:           5600
Max RPMs:          7000


We manufacture this interchange in 52100 chrome steel. Upon request, this bearing can be manufactured in stainless steel or other special materials.

We welcome all inquiries regarding this bearing interchange, as well as any other hard-to-find thrust bearings that you have a need for. Our part number for this interchange is 101-765, or you may simply refer to it as a B1.

If you would like to inquire about this bearing or have a question about other interchanges we can make, please contact us at (315) 986-7600 or

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