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The Auburn Advantage


Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing manufactures an exclusive line of thrust bearings that are specifically designed to reduce rolling friction. Instead of the usual round groove ball track, Auburn bearings incorporate a “V” groove raceway.

This “V” groove raceway design distributes the load evenly over the balls as they travel on four points of contact, creating a straight line rolling effect and decreasing the amount of friction created by a full contact round groove design.

The Auburn styles that incorporate the “V” groove design have the added advantage of being able to carry radial loads equal to 25% of their thrust load capacity. Please note that in some applications, the standard round groove ball raceway is the better solution.

Also unique to Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing is our round groove T-114RG thrust bearing. The T-114RG answers the need for an easily installed bearing requiring a minimum amount of machine work for its use. The small pitch diameter of the ball grooves for a given shaft diameter, and the large diameter balls used give a relatively low peripheral ball speed.

This, together with the heavy washer sections and deep grooves, result in a bearing of unusual capacity and life for its size. It is self-contained; the two races and balls are held together as a unit by a center rivet. Its open style design allows for maximum circulation of lubricating products.

The Auburn Advantage "V" Groove

Less Friction

Greater Load Capacity

Cooler Running

Full Ball Complement

Longer Life

Retainer Not Required