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Beyond Bearings: Manufacturing is a Broad Topic

As Industrial Distributors, you well know that there are many types of bearings available on the market today. Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing is a small manufacturer serving as a NICHE player in the Bearing world. ABM specializes in the production of Thrust, Custom and Obsolete Bearings for low to medium volume jobs, typically in the range of one piece to thousands, with lead times generally running between 4 to 6 weeks.

This covers the first portion of our name, but you might be wondering where this “and Manufacturing” part of name comes from. At Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing, our expertise lies not only in the Thrust Bearings and Custom Bearings, but also in Custom Manufacturing. Our precision manufacturing facility can produce custom mechanical parts to help solve your customer’s problems. For those of you that thought bearings were part of a broad category, manufacturing constitutes an even broader category. So, to help you understand what we can do think: SIZE, PROCESS, and MATERIALS.

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
MATERIALSMost materials that can be purchased: STEEL, ALUMINUM, PLASTIC, RUBBER, ETC.
PROCESSMilling: removing a solid raw materials.
Turning: removing material from a round bar.
Grinding: removing material with an abrasive process.
Molding: rubber bonded to metal.
SIZEIf your part can fit in a 1 cubic foot box, then we can probably do it.

So, when does it make sense to give us a call for an RFQ?

  1.  When the part is obsolete
  2.  When the OEM lead time is too long
  3.  When the part needs to be redesigned to be better or cheaper

If you’re not sure, call and ask! We can usually help or tell you who can. (315) 986-7600.

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