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Auburn Bearing Fulfills Custom Order for Medical Device Company in Record Time

MACEDON, NY (April 10, 2013) — Long time US thrust bearing manufacturer, Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing, received a request from a renowned medical device company to manufacture a custom-made mini thrust bearing for a delicate medical part to be used in an innovative treatment for scoliosis.

The medical device company first turned to their Asian-based supplier to fulfill their custom bearing order. After waiting months to receive their order, they discovered that the bearings had been manufactured out of specification for their application. The lead time their supplier game them for replacement bearings was unacceptable. They sought out a bearing manufacturer that could fulfill their order with a quick turnaround time, so they called on Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing for help.

Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing was ready to face the challenge, and was able to manufacture and deliver the finished product to the customers specification in only 13 days.

According to company President, Peter Schroth, “We had never manufactured a thrust bearing of this size before, but we were able to complete and ship out the custom order within 13 days.”

Material: 440C SS races/balls, 416C SS ball retainer

Quantity: 100 pcs

0.0827″ ID, 0.2362″ OD, 0.043″ thickness

Number of balls: 7 pcs

We would be happy to look at your opportunity, it doesn’t even have to  be a crisis. For more information on custom manufactured thrust bearings, please see on Custom Bearings page or contact us by phone at (315) 986-7600 or by email at sales@auburnbearing.com.

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