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Short Lead Time on Custom Thrust Washers

Producing custom components is nothing new for us, but it could be helpful news for you.

Recently we had an urgent request for the thrust washer pictured below. Originally, our distributor’s supplier took the order, and quoted 3 months to deliver. Later, the supplier cancelled the order and left the distributor and the customer hanging.

The customer needed to ship equipment (an order worth 100’s of thousands of dollars) and could not because they lacked these thrust washers. We were able to make the thrust washers needed in 13 days. Needless to say, our distributor was very pleased with our delivery time and our product!

Description: Thrust Washer

Qty:  5 pcs
ID:  3.150″
OD: 4.921″
Thickness: 0.0846″
Delivery time:  13 days

We would be happy to look at your opportunity; it doesn’t even have to be a crisis. No inquiry is to small.

Thrust Washer

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