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Is Your Bearing or Custom Part ‘Unobtainable’?

We find ourselves asking the question “Is it unobtainable?” quite a bit here at Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing. You may be wondering what we mean when we ask this. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines unobtainable as “not capable of being obtained,” but to us, it encompasses so much more. So, what exactly does “unobtainable” mean at Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing?

There are a number of situations where we might consider your bearing or custom part to be “unobtainable”, such as…

  1. The OEM no longer makes the part you need.
  2. The OEM wants an unreasonable minimum order quantity.
  3. The quoted delivery/lead time is too long.
  4. The quoted price is through the roof.
  5. The quality and performance of the available product doesn’t meet your requirements.
  6. The product is made offshore (not DFARS).
  7. It is a variation of a standard part that meets any of the above.

Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing specializes in the production of thrust, radial, custom, and obsolete bearings in low to medium volume (one piece to thousands) with short 4 to 6 week lead times. We can quote per print, per sample, and per part number from another manufacturer.

With the Auburn Advantage, you’ll benefit from shorter lead times, faster response times, on-time delivery, low minimum order quantities, innovative solutions, personalized service, trusted engineering support, high precision capabilities, and quality products that are made in the USA.

Our bearing experts are available to offer you quick and knowledgeable recommendations with regards to custom orders and solutions. So, the next time your application or project requires a bearing or component that’s “unobtainable,” give Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing a call!

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