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T-114RG Thrust Ball Bearing Series

Auburn Open Style T-114RG Thrust Ball Bearing with Center Rivet

The T-114RG Thrust Ball Bearing Series answers the need for a small, self-contained bearing that’s easily installed and requires a minimum amount of machine work for its use.

The balls are retained between two thick hardened steel races with deep round grooves which are held together by a center rivet. The one-piece design of the T-114RG offers easy installation and the open style allows maximum circulation of lubricating products.

The small pitch diameter of the ball grooves for a given shaft diameter and the large diameter balls used give a relatively low peripheral ball speed. This, together with the heavy washer sections and deep grooves, result in a bearing of unusual capacity and life for its size.

Unlike most bearings, this series features a unique design which allows the end of your shaft to sit on top of the bearing. These bearings can be installed by bonding them to a mounting plate or press-fitting them into a hole.

This series can also be mounted using our new mounted bearing assembly, the MT-114RG, designed exclusively to fit and mount the T-114RG series bearings.

The T-114RG Thrust Ball Bearing is available in inch dimensions from 0.25″ through 3.938″ OD and 0.188″ through 2.75″ height.

Please note: the following dimensions are shown in inches.
Bearing NumberOD (B)Height (H)Stock?
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Mounting Instructions: The T-114RG Ball Thrust Bearing fits at the end of the shaft in the journal bearing or housing. The bearing dimensions are designed to be slightly less than the usual diameters of standard shafts. This is to provide full contact and still allow for bearing clearance. Diameter B seats against the stationary end of the bearing housing, and diameter B’ is placed against the end of the rotating shaft.