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Auburn “V” Groove Reduces Friction & Drag in Thrust Bearings

The balls in conventional thrust bearings are in constant contact with the round or radius grooves. This creates friction, building up heat and reducing load capacity. Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing, formerly known as Auburn Ball Bearing, has redesigned the groove to an uneven “V” configuration, reducing friction and drag. This results in cooler temperatures, longer life and increased load capacity.

The “V” groove design has become known as the “Auburn ‘V’ Groove” and continues to be exclusive to Auburn Bearing. Instead of complete contact, the balls make contact with the raceways at only four points. The angles are designed so that the outer face angle is flatter than the inner angle, resulting in less pressure on the shaft side. The load is distributed evenly over the balls.

Auburn Bearing "V" Groove Technology

Designing the raceway with a “V” instead of “U” groove has the effect of a straight line path for the balls, even though they are traveling in a circular path. The result is less friction and increased carrying capacity for a longer period of time.

Typical applications for these American-made bearings include industrial drill press spindles, milling machines, cranes, aircraft tail assemblies and pump shafts. Auburn “V” groove bearings have to be designed into a product at the OEM level. The same bearing must also be used for replacements.

The Auburn “V” groove design is featured in the following bearing series:

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