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AE Cylindrical Thrust Roller Bearing Series

Auburn Open Style AE Cylindrical Thrust Roller Bearing with Bronze Retainer

The open style AE Cylindrical Thrust Roller Bearing is suitable for applications where space is limited and bearings of heavy load carrying capacity are required. Because they have a larger contact area, the roller series offers increased load capacity and greater shock absorption than ball bearings with similar dimensions.

The AE bearing consists of three pieces: a bronze retainer with hardened steel rollers and two hardened steel, ground finished races. The SAE 660 bronze retainer that separates and retains the rollers is well suited for applications where lack of lubrication or contamination prohibit using stamped out or plastic retainers.

The AE Thrust Roller Bearing is available in inch dimensions from 0.875″ through 3.563″ bore, 1.844″ through 5.219″ OD, and 0.625″ through 1″ height.

Please note: the following dimensions are shown in inches.
Bearing NumberBore (A)OD (B)Height (H)Stock?
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Mounting Instructions: The AE bearing series is designed to allow a slip fit of the races and retainer. The inside diameters A and A’ and outside diameters B and B’, of each of the washers is identical, making them interchangeable. The inside diameter of the retainer and washers is designed to be installed with a slip fit on the shaft. The outside diameters B and B’ of the washers are designed to be a slip fit in the housing.