MT-114RG Mounted Thrust Ball Bearing Series

Auburn MT-114RG Threaded Mount & Thrust Ball Bearing Assembly

The MT-114RG Mounted Thrust Ball Bearing is a bearing assembly that allows our popular T-114RG style thrust bearing series to be conveniently threaded onto a shaft for mounting or to be bolted into place. This bearing and mount combination allows for fast and easy mounting of this small, self-contained thrust bearing.

The new MT-114RG can be installed using a variety of mounting configurations, including bottom thread mounting, shoulder mounting, and lock nut mounting, making this bearing and mount assembly a convenient solution for a variety of applications that require the T-114RG style thrust bearing.

The MT-114RG Mounted Thrust Ball Bearing is available for all T-114RG bearing size configurations.

Please note: the following dimensions are shown in inches.
Bearing NumberOD (A)Height (B)Thread (C)
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There are three typical mounting configurations: 1) bottom thread mounting, 2) shoulder thread mounting, and 3) lock nut mounting. Each of these configurations are shown below.


Bottom Mounting Shoulder Mounting Lock Nut Mounting
MT-114RG Bottom Mounting MT-114RG Shoulder Mounting MT-114RG Lock Nut Mounting