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Bearing FAQ

What is the Auburn “V” Groove?

Auburn Bearing is well known for its exclusive line of thrust bearings that incorporate a “V” groove raceway, historically known as the “Auburn Groove.” The Auburn “V” Groove eliminates the need for a bearing retainer and helps to reduce rolling friction by containing the balls between four points of contact. This unique design results in cooler operating temperatures and longer bearing life, as well as the ability to carry radial loads equal to 25% of their thrust load capacity. Experience the Auburn Advantage today.

In which field of applications are Auburn thrust bearings used?

The fields of applications are extensive. Some selected applications are power tools, medical devices, electronic devices, and more. Industries include aerospace, agriculture, oil and gas, heavy equipment, medical, and more.

What kind of maintenance do bearings require?

Maintenance depends on the type of enclosures and lubricants your bearings have. Traditional steel bearings and metal shielded bearings that use either grease or oil should be maintained to ensure a long life. The frequency of maintenance will vary depending on RPM, operating temperature, operating environment and set up. Our bearings are shipped with a light rust preventative and must be lubricated to your requirements before installation. To learn more, please see our article entitled “The Importance of Correct Bearing Lubrication.”

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